12/06/08 Be sure to check out this video from our debut show with the fantastic Fire Choir.
04/11/08 Electronica magicians "Paramedique" were kind enough to create a great remix of our song "Atlantic Living". Check it out in our new remix section.
We hope to have even more remixes by various artists soon!
01/21/08 Italy was fantastic, thanks to everyone who helped us and came to the shows!
Some new and not so new pictures are online in the gallery, in case you were wondering what we look like these days.
12/13/07 Our January tour of Italy is complete!
Also, our album is now available via The Plane Is On Fire - Atlantic Living
07/13/07 We made a short video of our Finland tour we had this spring. Watch it right here.
Then go tell somebody.
07/03/07 Our Web-Shop is online! Buy our Album on CD or on vinyl (comes with a free MP3 download code) and have it delivered to your door at our super low shipping costs.
also, we had many requests for t-shirts, so expect some to turn up soon.
05/25/07 The plane is on fire is a featured top-8 artist this week over at MySpace Germany!
And, in case you haven't noticed, you can listen to our entire album "Atlantic Living" at www.atlanticliving.de.

older news

Our upcoming shows in the near and far future:

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