Atlantic Living LP
Atlantic Living LP
Atlantic Living LP
Atlantic Living LP
New album "Atlantic Living" on white vinyl.
Includes free download of all tracks as MP3s!

Cardboard jacket with full-color cardboard sleeve.


1. On Video, On Tape
2. Act Of Revenge
3. Honeymoon
4. Carrie Fisher
5. Beautiful Exits
6. The Gospel Nowadays
7. Atlantic Living
8. Don't Get On The Floor
9. Ocean Lane
10. Lily
11. Great Gold Rush
12. Beware Of That Girl

Released on San Santino Records

Liner notes:
the plane is on fire are: bastian hubmann, christoph utz, stefan pickel, steven wood, matthias wexler

"atlantic living"
recorded 2006 by the plane is on fire
produced by steven wood and the plane is on fire
mixed with stefan pillhofer in hamburg
mastered by michael schwabe at monoposto in düsseldorf

backing vocals on the gospel nowadays, honeymoon: lisa wexler
on beware of that girl: helen gibson and the fire choir

artwork by steven wood

thanks: achim roschmann, alex fehlner, bernd pflaum, christian preunkert, dirk wilberg, eugen wexler, fabian kohl, hannes höcht,
hannes langner, michi arnold, thomas lechner

12 EUR
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