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05/15/07 Album art and tracklist are online. We are streaming the entire (!) album in a few days. Because we love you.
May tour starts soon. Also, come see us at some nice festivals this summer.
05/07/07 Last month we had an adventurous tour in Finland, a smaller trip at home, but the best is yet to come: our feverishly anticipated album "Atlantic Living" will hit the stores on June 29th!
03/13/07 Big News: We have finally finished work on our album "Atlantic Living", and we are very pleased how it turned out. What's more, we have been signed by Records & Me and San Santino Records. A release date for the 12 songs on CD and Vinyl will be determined soon, and we will have some of them online, so check back here often.
11/04/06 We had a great time on tour, thank you for coming to see our shows. And thanks to those who helped us along with everything.
10/17/06 Just found this: our Statement on video, why we need Zuendfunk on radio.
9/24/06 It's finally final: We are playing support for The Rapture on their shows in Germany. This is most exciting for us, as this particular band is one of the most exciting. And additionally, we can sell the tickets we already bought because now we get to see the show for free.
6/06/06 We are part of a Save Zuendfunk Concert in Juli in Munich to support the best programm on german radio.
6/01/06 The Plane Is On Fire are now on Myspace. Be our friend. Please.
4/24/06 Read an interview with us in the online hookah magazine. (german)
3/02/06 We are thrilled to announce that The Plane Is On Fire have joined the queerbeat roster!
2/18/06 The live-recordings from the Bavarian Open Festival are now available right here, in new, improved quality!
1/24/06 Our show in Bayreuth this friday has been cancelled, a new date will be posted soon.
12/20/05 We are back home from a great week on the road. Thanks again to everyone who helped us on the way.
New: Download three live-songs recorded at the Bavarian Open Festival.
12/11/05 All of this tour's dates are confirmed, one show with Nova International has been added. The show with The Robocop Kraus, postponed due to illness, will take place in february.
11/22/05 We are playing the Bavarian Open Festival in the studios of the Bayerischer Rundfunk in Munich this saturday along with a bunch of great bands. Tune in to Bayern 2 to hear us live!
Some bad news: a couple of shows of this December's tour might be cancelled, so check back often.

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