The Plane Is On Fire- s/t | 15.06.2005

Strange Fruit is really digging deep in the underground these days, discovering some nice new bands like Torpedo and The Plane Is On Fire. Just like Torpedo, The Plane Is On Fire is about sweaty Indierock with funky guitars and groovy rhythms.
Sure, Gang Of Four already did this kind of stuff back in the 80s, but who cares, as the new stuff is nearly as good as the classics.

This CD EP/ 7” features two songs, which are both very danceable with the first one even having a catchy chorus. So you guys at Strange Fruit, what you´re waiting for? Send this 7” to NME, let them open up on the next Robocop Kraus tour and spread some rumors about them having beat up the Killers and this band is going to be big!

Funk´s Not Dead!